Thursday, February 13, 2014

This is a Rant of sorts but I need to get this out
My rant of the day.
I read about the problems of welfare, and also the stories of people abusing the poor and taking advantage of them. I see in the news about slaves held in the US as Servants with little or no pay. 
I understand the anger about people working hard and watching others on their tax dollars play. 
Here is what I don't think people get through their reasoning. They are the same. The government wants a docile people some if they bred( YES BREED Generations) of people that have their options pointed down and accept that, that is their lot in life they the government has power. 
Some people have businesses and guess what they hire you to take advantage of your work for their gain. This is the same as the government paying a section of people welfare to stay in their place and not cause problems.
I am not knocking the guy that risk his money to pay you for your service or you becoming his employee. The difference is there are two types of employees and they are the one that has a worth the the employer and employee recognizes and knows that if he does not compensate according to his worth he will leave. This is fair and good for both. The other is an employer that reduces wages and benefits until he looses key people then raises them just enough to keep his hired slaves their making sure to illustrate that you can't go or get ahead you must stay.
In each way whether you accept welfare or a job that holds your growth it is your decision. People will not change but your knowledge and self worth can change. You have to change if you want to get ahead because human nature will not.

 If you make you and your family a working GROWING unit that is adaptable and flexible to what ever comes you will exceed. 

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