Friday, August 12, 2016

Saturday morning continuing on at the Fair

Now it is Saturday morning, last night ended about 1:30 PM. Having a daughter with a severe Nut allergy is also one of the reasons to cook over the campfire. Well the ice cream to end the night also put her in the emergency room. This all has ended with her home and all is well just a little sleep lost.

 Now for sharpening some old blades. Woodmizer is gracious to send some Blades for displaying their Machine but the wonderful stack of wood provided on the half also have some wire. So suspect logs use an old blade and is I cut wire a least I have also already sharpened them once or twice, save the new blades for safe wood.
 Boy Life will spin by if you don't watch it. 
It is now Aug 2016 and I apologize for not writing as I should. I have a lot to tell so good lord willing we will go for a ride. 
 We are on a new farm in Liberty Tn and that is wonderful for simply this is home. We have cleared 25 acres and have two of our out building built. All this will come later, what I need to know is where do you want the information to go. We are building Dry Kiln to hen houses. I have designed new style raised beds and even have vertical gardening  set up that is renewable. 
 Let me know.