Monday, February 10, 2014

Waking up Feb 2014

Waking up Feb 2014

1      What is ahead for the Homestead

As some know, but most don’t my wife and I bought a 1920s farm a couple of years ago. We are remodeling it by ourselves. What would you expect for a retired couple, with the kids gone to do except purchase a 4400 square foot home in dire need of remodeling.

What I want to share is that all of us have some type of elephant on our back trying to get our attention away from the prize. What is that prize well that isn’t as simple as it seems because we as a homesteader go through life blindly without purpose at time only with flashes of inspiration. Our necessary goal is to stay focused through the turmoil and set a dance that’s the care of the family and homestead.
 Now that I have built a watch for you let me tell the time. This is February and one of the most important times here in TN (Up north you can wait to see the ground) to get the garden ready. If you are like most the garden isn’t a clean board waiting the plow but a tangled mess from last fall? If you have that mess smile you were just getting organic matter for the compose pile.
Weed-eat it down and if level enough run the mower with a leaf collector and remove what is probably mostly weed stock. If you can use the vacuum adapter on your lawn blower do it every weed seed you get out of the garden the better.
Now that it is clear it is ready for the plan. If you have beds that you can use a small tiller on or if you need the big John Deere do it. This will break up the winter hardpan and let the soil breath. Also the added benefit is we are not done with winter and the frost and freeze will break up the soil wonderfully.
If you have the composed pile ready understand that two inches of good compost is what a normal plant needs to grow for the year.

If you have got this far now it is time to really relax because you are ready for a little more tilling and plants. Oh I didn’t mention your late in starting some seeds but not that late but that is the next installment.
 By the way if there is interest on learning to Lath and Plaster let me know. 

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