Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chapter one How to beat the system without cheating
First of all you have to understand that everyone is not your friend and does not want the best for you.
Large Oil Etc. is not an evil entity but they are out to make money and if you are not reliant on them they will do whatever they can to assure that you are. You have to understand Walmart is here to charge you the absolute MAXIMUM that they can and not have you go somewhere else. This happens to be cheaper than most places which lessons competition. This is perfectly legal and not even immoral have items below cost. This gets you in there type of store and not at the mom and pop local. When the little ones are gone the large store and equalize their stock to a more profitable margin for them. God Bless them. They make jobs for many people but that does not mean you can’t be more independent.
 The first place you have to start is to look at where you are. If you are in an apartment that does not mean that you can’t improve your life and lessen the dependents on others.
 In the following weeks I am going to put forth a homestead. If you are in an apartment your homestead will stop at the window planters until you make changes. If that is where you decide to be that is not only OK but wonderful, most people get caught in I must be here or there or I won’t be happy. Be happy for the moment where ever you are and if you want somewhere else just consider where you are and a platform for learning and all will be good.
 I suggest you eat the elephant. Now that I have totally confused you, you eat an elephant one bite at a time so here is the first bite.
Window curtains that make you happy. 
If you YouTube soda Bottle garden it will give you an idea where the start of this came from. I don’t recommend the soda bottles except as a learning process for the final one that can accept plants from all places Walmart. The bottom pot is a catch basin without drainage this allows you to water let it drain then recoup the excess and use it. This will give you and your family salads and herbs that if used fully (Everywhere you can) it will also allow you to freeze and dry herbs for the winter.

 I recommend this as a starter so you can see that even a little change can make big dividends for you.  

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