Monday, September 2, 2013

For those who are feeling down on Labor Day because you are unemployed or underemployed

I am blessed to live where I want and even better with whom I want. This simply makes me wealthy.

The problem is this does not put gas in the truck or pay the bills; employment does. That may mean a job at McDOs or a factory, but that is not the issue.  What is the issue, is not whether you are making money but if are you learning and having a mind set that will increase you income.

What is the correct mind set? The correct Mind set is if I sat you down on the of the road with what you have in your pocket could you buy a cup of coffee when all the money was removed from those pockets. Most would (I am not saying I wouldn't have a little pity party also) panic but if there was a empty coke can give me a few minutes and I will have a functioning camp alcohol stove that is worth $5. If there is a tree, I will give you a pair of pliers out of a limb for another $5. I also guarantee that I would walk in each business willing to clean toilets for some extra cash and do the best Job that can be done.

It isn't where you are but where you are headed. If you can't say that you have learned something new in the last week, it is a wasted week. Your knowledge is a tool, but some tools are not very useful so put the best tools in the pouch.

For those who choose to follow me, I will be demonstrating things that could help you on your homestead like how to load a log on a trailer with out equipment and building stuff. If you are stuck let me know and maybe I will do a how-to.

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